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Playable music mixes for the masses.
This community is created for those people who need one more source for music exposure.

Yes there is the radio, and yes there is slacker.com or last.fm, but sometimes we need more.

mixt_tape was created as a place for members to share themed mixed tapes created by any of the many different online playlist creators. This is not a site to just post the songs in text, this is a site where every member is more then welcome to post a mix tape created by muxtape.com, mixwit,.com or seeqpod.com and post it for everyone's listening pleasure.

All created mixt_tapes should have a theme, for example 80's hits, alt. country, oldies but goodies, or covers.

Preferred sites for mixt_tape creation are:

So have fun creating, and have fun critiquing.

Tips for creating a mix:
1. Mixwit.com is preferred by most users
2. Be sure that the song has the appropriate bandwidth so it doesn't skip
3. Test each song on you mix for at least 30 seconds to be sure there won't be any problems
4. Themes are always far more interesting for listeners
5. Have fun

More to come in the future.

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